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Transliteration Conventions

Here are some guidelines that Quanah put together to help us transliterate text documents. These were put together mostly with the newspaper collections in mind. Individual sounds: The general idea is that we are preserving the dialect of the original as closely as possible, but rewritten in the Standard Orthography. That requires a good awareness …

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Using SIL FLEx as a Team

Below are the steps our team is using to collaborate on work within Fieldworks Language Explorer across multiple devices. (If you're setting up a workflow for your own team, you might want to read up on all the functionality of FLEx's Send/Receive feature: https://software.sil.org/fieldworks/support/using-sendreceive/) Create an account at languagedepot.org and let me know when you've …

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International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries and Museums

Just got an email through announcing that ATALM's 2020 conference will be in DC! I got the to attend this year's conference just a couple of months ago and I would happily call it the best conference I've ever been to. It was a Wednesday/Thursday conference though the Tuesday also offered a schedule of full-day …

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Language Researcher Software

As a Language Researcher on this project you’ll probably need a couple different softwares. Check your assignments to see which ones you’ll need. Dropbox: create an account at https://dropbox.com/register and we will share you work folder with youELAN: download from https://tla.mpi.nl/tools/tla-tools/elan/Transkribus: create an account and download from https://transkribus.eu/Transkribus/FromThePage: create an account and we’ll add you …

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Comparison of Content Management Systems

An important step in this project is selecting a Content Management System (CMS) on which to build our website. A CMS is a tool that allows you to organize, manage, and publish online content without having to build from scratch. A famous example is WordPress (the platform we use to write this blog) and there …

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To Speak Lakota Is Good

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb8KxCUzvjnKjaF0rEl2S1ksWJfDi2Uml One of the newest collections we're working on getting into learners' hands is To Speak Lakota Is Good, a weekly show on KLND Radio hosted by Delores Taken Alive. Each two-hour(ish) episode features a couple fluent speaker guests discussing stories, current affairs, wisdom, and sweet memories. This is the place to hear Lakota spoken! …

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